Live Animals

We keep a stock of several live animals in our store.  Sorry, you are unable to purchase live animals to be shipped to your home.

Our current stock is below (we try to update this page as often as possible).  If you don’t see that animal that you’re looking for please complete our LIVE REQUEST FORM – click here!

See our live animal availability list – click here.




Plant photos may not fully represent the specimen sent to you.



Live Animal Request

Live Animal Shipping: Live animals ship for $32 plus $1 per container (usually per species).  This is a flat rate for all of the live animals shipped in your order.  Keep in mind that during extreme weather we may not be able to ship animals.  We will contact you via email with information.


More stock will be listed when we officially open our retail store in 2018!

Have a live animal that you don’t want?

Don’t release it into the wild.  Contact us and we will either take your animal or try to find someone who will.  Many fish, reptiles or insects sold by pet stores can become an invasive species in our area and cause problems with our native animals and plants.

You can also contact the Stevens County Humane Society at