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Betta Tank Mates

Hello All,

People are always asking me; “What can I put in with my Betta Fish?”.  I never seem to have the best answer for them, so I did some research and here’s what I found:

  • Be sure to have a good sized tank (5 gallons or larger) with proper filtration for your betta and his partner.

Good Tank mates:

  • Kuhlii Loach – I love these little guys.  We keep them in store and they are a perfect bottom dwelling fish.  They hide down low in your tank.  they eat after your betta has eaten which is good.  You might need to slightly over feed your betta so some food gets to the bottom.



  • Snails – for the most part many bettas don’t bother your snails.  The snails will help clean up your tank which can be helpful.  Keep an eye on your betta that he doesn’t try to eat your snails antenna.



  • Rasbora Heteromorpha (in a school of 5+) – these little guys/gals are really fun for a tank.  They have a gorgeous metallic color and are pretty easy to take care of.  Your betta might go after them but with the schooling behavior probably won’t be able to hurt anyone.
  • Neon Tetras (in a school of 5+) – I’m a little skeptical about this one but people seem to keep them with bettas frequently.  They add a nice splash of color, are peaceful and swim in schools.



  • Cory Catfish – we keep these in stock as well and they are very much like the Kuli Loach and stay to the bottom of the tank.  They also make for a good clean up crew.  I wouldn’t get more than 3.



  • Black Skirt Tetra (school of 5) – We keep a pretty peaceful black orchid crowntail betta in with our black skirt tetras at the store and they get along really well. Black skirt tetras are very calm fish and bettas tend to leave them alone.  They are very hardy and enjoy a good hiding space in a tank – so logs or tall plants work well.

As with all animals observe your bettas behavior – if he gets nasty with your other fish it may be time for someone to move out.

Our black skirt tetras and black orchid betta get along great in store!

As always give us a call or email if you have any questions!



What’s coming in 2019?

Hello All,

2018 was a great year.  We started our business in 2018 … and the feedback has been great.  Many community members are thrilled that we exist.  Being able to buy treats for your pup or live crickets for your lizard makes us a handy addition to the Morris community.  Here’s a look at some of our plans for 2019…

Price increases?

As many of you have probably heard imported products from many other countries, including China, will have higher tariffs in the new year.  This means that prices on products that are manufactured, or have parts that are manufactured over seas will see a price increase.  We are working hard to keep our prices low and competitive with other retailers.

What are we doing to keep costs low?

We are working with our dealers and manufacturers and asking what it takes to get a better rate. One solution is buying in much larger volume on some products.  With the size of our current store that isn’t always possible.

A bigger space?

Yes, it’s true we are expanding.  While we don’t have final plans we have shopped around for many option in the community to grow our business.  One of the major needs for more space comes from the need to carry cat and dog foods.  Our goal is to offer foods that you can’t get in town.  We have launched a survey that will help us decided what brands to carry.  You can take the survey – click here!

The Learning Lizard?

We are happy to announce that we are working on a new brand – The Learning Lizard. The Learning Lizard will offer science and educational toys and resources for children of all ages.  We started by offering insect kits in store and will soon be expanding when we open our larger store.  You can take a look at what we are working on at

Thank you all for your support over the past year!



Opening a New Store

Howdy All! We are working to open our new store.  It’s a very exciting thing.  Right now we are in the process of finding the perfect location.  We’ve looked at the Cullen’s Building (beautiful), in the mall and the building on California Ave.  It’s not easy to find the perfect space.  I’m happy to say that I’ve teamed up with the Stevens Community Humane Society to find the perfect space.  It has to have room for both of our businesses and a groomer.

Our retail space needs to have enough room for all of our dry stock products and live animals.  We will carry fish & other aquatics, frogs, lizards, birds and small animals (gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, etc.).  We will NOT have dogs or cats … but you can walk across the hall to the Stevens Community Humane Society to adopt!


Keep following the blog for updates!



Oral Care for Cats and Dogs

People are learning more every day about how closely oral and dental health correlate to heart health, and consumers continue to seek convenient and care-focused solutions that mirror human health products and trends. (Eric Abbey, president and founder of Loving Pets in Cranbury, N.J.)

Our veterinarian-recommended Advanced Oral Care Natural Dental Kit includes everything your dog needs for regular brushing, including a toothbrush that wraps around teeth and cleans three sides in one easy motion, and natural toothpaste that’s formulated with Denta-C, which is scientifically formulated to reduce plaque that harbors bacteria. Add to Cart

There’s no doubt that there is a link between oral health and overall health in people and pets, just like in humans. Good oral health can extend the life of you happy and healthy pet up to three years.  Obviously cost is a big factor in keeping a pet and dog and cat care can be very expensive.   Let’s be honest preventative care is far more affordable than costly dental cleanings and surgeries.

At You Pet’Cha we’re working on getting you great quality dental health products at reasonable prices.  What do we mean by ‘great quality’?

  1. EASY TO USE: treats or chews are the easiest for pet owners, something you can give your dog/cat that won’t require you trying to wrestle them to the floor.
  2. EFFECTIVE: Does it work?  We look at results – not just from the company’s research but from our customers.  If something isn’t effective for your animal – let us know!

February is pet dental health month.  That’s a great time to try out something new with your pet.





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