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We offer supplies for many different animals.


We know you love your dog … and to be hones we love your dog as well! So we have a ton of great products for dogs. Our mission is to provide dog products that are good for dogs – health, happiness and doggieness (is that a word?).


Meow. Meow. Oh, sorry we were just talking to your cat … you know you do it! Anyway, our message to your cat is simple – we’ll strive to provide top quality products for them! That’s our mission.


They're small and furry and we love them a lot.  We carry a huge supply of hay, food, treats and much more for gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas, etc.


Birds make amazing pets and also make for great wildlife. Our products are both for birds in your house and out! I guess you can say our products are for the birds … get if? For the birds? We think it’s funny.


Someone once said “life under the sea is better than anything the got up there” … and we make sure it is. Our aquatics department is full of stuff that will be perfect for them.


They climb, they hop and they are wonderful. Reptiles and amphibians may not be fur-balls but they are just as important and make great pets. Our products help to keep your pet healthy and hoppy … err happy.


We have products for many other animals. From hermit crabs to spiders we have products for just about any pet you have.  If we don't have it in store we can special order it for you!

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Yes, we accept requests for live animals!  Click below to complete the request form.

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