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About Us

The mission of You Pet’Cha is to educate and assist pet owners by providing high-quality food and products designed to improve the lives of cherished pets and their owners living in Morris and the surrounding area. Fulfilling this mission will create healthier pets and happier pet owners.

Meet us ...

Joe - Co-Owner & Manager
Joe is a lover of all things theatre, education and animals.  In college Joe was a biology major and studied herpetology (he also minored in acting).  He's been an educator for over 15 years.
Favorite Animal: Green Tree Frog

Animal Expertise:
Reptiles, Amphibians, Fish

First Pet:
Dog named J.R. (after the charater on Dallas)

Current Pets: African Cichlids, Fancy Guppies, Barking Tree Frogs, Betta

Diane - Co-Owner & Asst. Manager
Diane Baum has worked with animals since age 16 when she began at a dog boarding kennel, which she then managed until 1999. During that time, she was an animal control officer for northern Dakota county and poundkeeper. Was also a vet tech for 5 years after the kennel experience and has had a fondness for animals all her life. Is a published author with 25 books to her credit, the first being "Patrick the Wayward Setter." Several of her books have won a semi-finalist place in the MN Book Awards.

Favorite Animal: Dogs

Animal Expertise: Since working with dogs for so long, I'd like to think I know them well, but also try to learn about the other pets that people have as well.

First Pet: was a mix breed pup named "Sandy"

Current Pets: three dogs, two cats, a dwarf rabbit and a guinea pig, plus a huge tank of fish! 

Melissa - Store Associate & Small Animal Manager

Melissa majored in Business Management. She loves photography, cooking/baking, and animals. Melissa’s love of animals started at an early age on her grandparents’ farms, where she like to play with the dogs and cats, and ride horses.

Favorite Animal: dolphin

Animal expertise: Small animals

First pet: A dog named Bandit

Current pet: A black orchid betta named Diggs

Special Request

Yes, we accept requests for live animals!  Click below to complete the request form.

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